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This website is brought to you by Berean Gospel Fellowship, a non-profit, non-denominational Christian ministry founded by Ed Corley in the early 1980’s. He went on to start churches & Bible Colleges in Africa, India and the United States. He has taught sound doctrine from the Bible, trained up ministers, brought deliverance to countless Christians ravaged by the enemy and brought healing to scores of the brokenhearted and physically ill.

MASCHIL, pronounced MAS\keel, is a Hebrew word found in the superscription of several Psalms, designating them as teaching Psalms. We have chosen MASCHIL to describe a periodical we publish which has become a valuable tool in inspiring Christians to better understand God’s Word. This little publication has become a valuable tool in inspiring Christians to better understand God’s Word by digging deep into the wealth of knowledge and understanding contained in the Holy Scriptures… We present these valuable Maschil articles to you for the purpose of enriching your life with a penetrating understanding of God's word and as a way of preparing you for the return of Christ by walking now in Power by His Spirit in His Kingdom.

We offer these valuable MASCHIL articles To the Faithful in Christ Jesus in order to gain a better understanding of God’s Word. The Possibility of a New Mind in Christ can be opened to all by digging deep into the wealth of knowledge and understanding contained in the Holy Scriptures…As we all become more aware of The End-Time Battle for Our Minds, we can gain Freedom from Guilt! Through the Grace of His Salvation! Through the Redemption, by Discovering our Release from The Sin.

As we begin Opening Ourselves to the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation we can discover The Fullness of His Spiritual Authority. This is available to us all by Putting off the Old Man, Removing Strongholds and Winning Out over the Carnal Frame that tends to be at odds with the Spirit of God. We will examine The War in the Heavens as we aim to prepare a people for The Astonishing Day of Christ, by making A Bold Movement toward the Truth heralding The Secrets of God's Kingdom.

The addition of the “prayer-starters” for daily devotionals in the early 1990's has been a tremendous resource to prayer warriors and intercessors around the world. Use them as a priming tool to build your one-on-one time with God, "praying the Word" as Mighty Men and Women of God move in Power and Authority by digging deep into the wealth of knowledge and understanding contained in the Holy Scriptures…

We publish sound, direct Bible teaching literature, making it available to those who want a deeper knowledge and relationship with God’s Word, both mentally and spiritually. It is touching countless people around the world and inspiring Christians to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. This literature is sent without charge into prisons where testimonies confirm that lives are truly being changed. It is spread there by word of mouth and the Spirit of God and is spreading like wildfire. Read some of our "Letters From Inside" for inspiration from these mighty warriors in chains.

Ed's daughter, Susanna, who serves an administrative and editorial function, joined him in ministry in 2002. For the last few years we have expanded several articles that have touched many down through the years into booklets/books. They are not professionally published or edited. We make and publish them in our little fortress here in the mountains of North Carolina. Don't be surprised to find some errors and inconsistencies in almost every publication. In spite of them, this literature continues touching countless people around the world and inspiring Christians to a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

It is our hope that you find much to learn at this site and that you develop as Christians in the years just before the glorious return of our Savior. As you read through the articles, we pray, as Paul prayed, that be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Colossians 1:9

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There are so many things I want to do with this website reach out really make a difference. I feel called in my spirit to mighty things... reaching out to broken people, …people who's lives have been touched by tragedy. Are any of us so isolated that heartache and pain haven't touched our lives, hasn't changed who we are and how we react to the world? Our families...the ones we hold dearest...our friends, every body whose lives we touch, even the girl at the check out counter, the driver of the car that almost ran you off the road...every body.

Taking this journey with us through The Discipline of Intercession will change your life... It will change how you react to those around you. Even if you don't feel called to be an intercessor, this discipline will take you to a more intense, personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... It will lead you to the truth of who and what we are IN Christ, IN the heavenlies, IN the world. Isn't that what we all want? Don't we want to be productive for His Kingdom? Let's ... just do it, right now, this year...2008. This ministry offers a deeper more intensive study of the Word, drawing from the original text. Maybe your "religion" has grown cold, you relationship with the Lord has hit a plateau. Maybe you've been hurt by the church feel abandoned by the church. Maybe it just doesn't make sense any more. This isn't about church or religion. It's about the Word. It's about tapping into the power that's available to all of us. Dare to be changed, dare to be healed, dare to be renewed and redeemed!!! That's what this ministry is about.

Please take the time to write a note telling a little about yourselves.

We are a very small ministry, just my dad, Ed Corley, my mother, Lena Foster who after being divorced for over thirty years have joined together in ministry. She packs and ships your orders and helps make books. She has become a becon and a strength for this family that is vital to our sustenance. I can't tell you how much we love and appreciate her. My sister, Sarah and her son Phillip also help out when they are able.
Susanna Corley
And me, Susanna... Every letter we receive is read at least twice, by my father and then by me. I'm the one who gets to write the letters and respond to the requests. I also manage the finances, manage the mailing list, edit and lay out the books and the monthly mailings, burn and print and pack the CD's, oh! yea, and manage this website. I am also a mom and a grandma who is activley involved in their care. I would love to be able to focus more on the website and the publications. In our recent structure we are so limited in our physical capabilities. We just continue to seek the Lord for His guidance, His provision, His protection and most of all His Love.
The Lord has put within all of us a burning desire to push forth, past the boundaries and limitations that aim to hold back this vital ministry. It is the love of the truth that drives us along with all of you who are just as vital to this ministry in your prayers and your support. Sometimes what we do is hard and we come under attack on a regular basis. But, every morning when we begin a new day, we know that what we are doing is touching lives, changing people, teaching the Word ...pure and simple. Praise God for His mercy, His grace, His provision and His protection! Praise God!!!

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